Don’t you just [hate this]

You are out harvesting food to last the year on the one night of the year it’s easiest to catch it. Tired, you come home and all you want to do is rest on your favorite bed, and then you find this… A MESS! Your siblings and lair mates didn’t even bother to clean up after their dinner leaving you to do it. Tomorrow I am moving my table. I wonder if the razor wire is still on sale. *Thinks on this*

– I came across this from [hate this] last week and just got a chance to show it off. RL reared, what can I say? The table is animated with several sit options with the front adjusting to them. The textures are well made and are dynamic looking with normal graphics or advanced lighting. In the package, you get 3 options. Clean, Dry Blood, Fresh Blood.
– As a bonus find. this hat I am wearing is a hunt prize. The hunt is not free but the prizes are well worth the fee. It’s a neat and fun find for use well beyond the holiday.

[ht+] vintage operation table @ Hallow Manor Event – 249L
[ht:apparel] franknhair beanie @ Hallow Manor Event – Hunt Prize 50L (150L IF you choose not to hunt for it and buy direct)

Sweatshirt – [PSYCHO] OUTFIT HALLOWEEN GIFT – OL on SLMarketplace
Nail Bat – HARO : Halloween 2019 gifts – Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin – Alaska Metro – “Serenity” – The Free Dove (Free to Join Group)
Hair – Ali & Ali – Zuzanr – 0L