All that glitter!

I do like a little sparkle every now and then! These eyebrows give just the right touch of it for that little festive feel or the start of a galaxy theme look. The possibilities are endless! you can find these from #OVERDOSE at the FeverFete shopping event and LIVE music show coming up soon in SecondLife.

Moon Tattoo is 75L per color. Deluxe eyebrows 275L per pack, Glitter and Confetti eye packs are 250L per pack. Dates coming soon.

FeverFete Shopping Event

Avatar Base

Shape: Mine

Freckles: Mine

Head: Catwa – Kimberley

Eyes: Euphoric – Magic Lenses – Group Gift

Skin” The Skinnery – Tiffany

Eyebrows: #OVERDOSE



I have always wanted to go to the beach, so I did it! I went online and bought the tickets, defied all my friends that said I never do things spur of the moment! I checked over everything I needed, packed it up and went for the cruise leading to my destination of bliss!

Upon my arrival the hotel gives me this tempting little pamphlet of activities in the area. restaurants, street food places, local shops and various hiking trails! I decided to get going on the small hiking trail, two hours gives me plenty of time to return for some time at the beach and cook out.

All goes well and 3/4 of the way through the hike some birds fly out in front of us, several surprised shrieks and tumbles from various people later, me and several others sit down and go to get back up from the fall that ensued. It took all but a few seconds of sitting up to feel the pain! Yes, me, who never falls gracefully, has a perfect intact camera, not a single tear in my clothes, but….a busted up knee! Don’t ask…I don’t know how it happened. I went down legs straight, sat up one straight one bent awkwardly. I spent the rest of the night in the hospital!

The Dr. puts me on a strict regime to which I followed yet here it is, the last day of my vacation and not one day at the beach, I rebeled! I was determined to get at least ONE beach day into my vacation at the island! I avoided the water, but read my book on a beach chair before hobbling over to the food stands and grabbing a table. I read, drank my srawberry soda drink and had a roast beef sandwich relaxed, full and happy! That is until I looked up and who should I see relaxing at a table 10 or so feet away? The Doctor! I’ll let you know how the remainder of my vacation goes, after I find my beach towel to toss over my leg and dark sunglasses to wear. Wish me luck!

(This story is Pure Fiction)

The Look:

Hair: Emotions – Vera

Head: Catwa – Kimberly

Body: Maitreya

Skin: The Skinnery – Tiffany (tinted)

Hands: Vista

Feet: Slink

Shape: Mine

Knee Splint: [ht+] knee splint – Fits most mesh and Classic Avatars.

Bikini: Faboo Puerto Rico

Top: Mozer


Town of The Dolls

I remember the dolls, they were beautiful boys and girls. They felt like soft stone and you could change their hair and clothes at a whim. In their backs you could place in cartridges that spun if you wound them. They would dance for you or play instruments depending on the cartridge. They sat in a corner when done, eyes closed and asleep until the next wind up. Sometimes…they did not remain there.

The night it happened I awoke to the smell of smoke and fire. It was so dark I could hardly see. Then I saw her…in sillouette against the fire’s light, standing there cold and staring. One hand was removed and in place of the other, a glimmer of metal and teeth. It was a blade from my father’s workshop, it oozed red from the tips…I screamed.

Her eyes narrowed and mouth opened, I could hear the mechanics and whirring coming from inside her. I ran for the window and climbed out as she moved steadily closer. I had to sneak across the roof and climb down the trellis. When I reached the ground I ran while clinging to my teddy bear and screamed for my parents. I looked around at the other houses, they also burned while others ran from the dolls that came for them. I heard the door open and the sound of her gears, I cried as I ran into and down the alley passing carriages and bodies until I reached the woods. It was days before I came out of hiding and escaped.

I would think of the day and I still shiver and want to wretch at the memories. I only say this now because as I was making my way to the old amusement park for maintanence, the clouds turned dark and I saw her again…today.

:story written by SabryneRhode:


Location: Arranmore


Hand attachment: [hate this] the amputator

You can find it here at Remnant. Dark Days it opens on November 17th.




In the depths of the forest through trees and shadows she wandered. Sitting to drink she picks up her flute to play. The music drifts up through the forest canopy, out through the under brush. Where is the soft music coming from? Do you dare follow it?

satyr horns by [ht]:Apparel
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Hair: LittleBones – Birdie
Skin: QNC Carmen
Head: Catwa Kori static
Head Skin: New Faces Group Gift: Belle
Moles: Personal
Corset: Allusions (Not in store yet)
Eyes: Allusions (Past hunt gift)
Highlights: Angel Rock i-Candy Lens

Mannequins and Vintage Things

Mannequins and Vintage Things

Sara displays her freshly cleaned mannequin in the craft room. She searched for months trying to find a mannequin that went perfect in her new room, she wanted something crisp and fresh feeling. She gently turns the mannequin around, smiling as she takes in the pristine fabric cover and smoothness of the texture. “What a find!”, she giggles to herself, a bargain price for something that was so clearly a well taken care of antique. The sewing kit that came as part of it had many pictures inside of the previous family for generations, one clearly dated 1816. She loved discovering about the history of the family and their travels.


She finishes decorating for the night and gently covers the mannequin carefully arranging the fabric so it doesn’t snag on the frame. Looking around one last time she nods in silent approval and the room’s decor and relaxing feel, eagerly anticipating tomorrow when she can start to work in her new room. She admires the frames she found that perfectly showcased the vintage photographs. The display set playing off the sewing machine corner well, already she feels inspired. She turns to leave then looks back to the photographs, this time her eyes focus with curiosity, something she did not notice before. The photos taken years apart, curiously share the same date, facial features, one would laugh to say they almost look like the same woman. She shakes her head and chuckles at her sudden nerves, “what utter nonsense” she mumbles to herself. Out of nowhere the lights that worked so perfectly before begin to flicker and the fabric draping the mannequin ever so slightly moves, like breath…she stops as if frozen watching in utter denial as the lights go out. She looks quickly towards the door then back at the mannequin. Her perfect crisp linen is now stained in blood, dark brown then getting a brighter crimson hue. Silence is what remains.


A smiling woman sets up her camera posing with the mannequin in her craft room. Her dark coffee hair up in a soft bun with gently curled tendrils framing her face. The camera flashes and she prints the picture, the soft smile yet very alive looking gleam in her eyes. She frames it in the same style of picture frame as the other vintage photographs. She lets out a soft chuckle as she takes in the view of her brand new room.


Inspired by dressmaker’s mannequin offered by [hate this] for this round of The Challenge
The Challenge