Traveling Abroad


A gentle breeze can be felt as the sun warms the skin. She takes in the view one final time, making a memory of the trip before all that remains is trinkets and photographs.

[hate this] is putting out this cigarette holder for the upcoming Genre event. It comes in 3 different colors, black, gold (pictured) and silver. They have 3 options of attachment points for diversity. Each color will be sold separately for 99L.

Genre event opens August 15th @ 12PM SLT

A New Me!


Well not really a “new” me but…I have a new skin!

People that know me well in Second Life and Real Life know I like skins, I am always trying on skins to get a different look for the shop or to fit a mood. My sister who owns Quaint and Curious aka. QNC in Second Life has recently started to make skins. YAY! When she was wearing her item I asked…OK BEGGED for a copy of her. When it was complete through her testing, she sent me her skin. Carmen

Here she is, QNC Carmen!

I know, 700L WHAT! Inside however, is more than just a skin. She has alot of goodies in that package and is in the process of adding more appliers to her shop.

I opted to take the photo with a ponytail and left off my usual detail add-ons so that only the pure face is showing.

Things found in boxes….

As I was spring cleaning the other night, I found a storage box. Inside this simple, plastic storage box was a time stained, spiral notebook. I thought I tossed it long ago. The beginnings of a story is written in there, never finished. I had something similar happen years before this when torn pieces of a story I wrote in school, turned up in a book my younger sister checked out from the library 3 years later.

Now I am in a self debate…do I finish this story started years before or do I leave it as a distant memory unfinished. Time will tell. Have you found lost treasures while spring cleaning?

Wrong Turn

Just a random little post of a look today.

I went to my sister’s house and wouldn’t you know it…I took a wrong turn! Might as well get groceries while here.


*The Look*

Hair: Analog Dog – New Freeball hair – cointreau

Skin: Pulse Skin – New – Victoria (caramel – make-up 1) eyebrows sold seperate.

Eyes: Pulse Skin – L.Femke – Saraid

Top: Allusions – old. long Sleeve boho top.

Vest: {RR} Linda Vest – linens.

Jeans: Allusions Gypsy Queen – Stained Ornate

Necklace: Bare Rose – comes with Front Drape Outfit.

Tote Bag: Allusions – past group gift – NA

I don’t normally do these styles of photos, but I got inspired by my look today.

Simple Male Avatar

Being a new player in the land of Second Life can be challenging. Finding nice things for a new avatar is tedious, for a male avatar however, it is always a challenge.

I am going to be roaming around in an RP sim and wanted a different look. I am normally a female avatar as my photos on this blog show, for this look I decided to go…MALE!

I stopped to think, what all was my male self going to need. I came up with the basics, Shape, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Clothes…the challenge was finding them and putting them together. I do not have any extra bits as a “normal” male. Those can be found if you put together a look similar to this and it’s wanted, for me however, it is not needed.

All these can be found on the Second Life Marketplace except the hair.
The look!
Simple Male Avatar

The items and (SL) cost.

Shape: MW|SHAPES – Lion – 0L
Skin: (red)sand male fall 2012 gift – 0L
Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous London fog wearable demo – 0L
Hair: Analog Dog Free Bubble – Ashbury
Vest: Ulric leather vest and shoulder pieces – Madison’s 0L Male RP outfit
Shirt/Pants: Howler Armory – Medieval Man – Redwine – 10L
Boots: Blackburns Riding Boots – 29L

This is by no means an exact way one “has to” make their avatar. This is just a guide on how a nice looking avatar can be put together on a minimal linden budget.