Allusions @ Spoonfull of Sugar Pt. 3


Anyone that regular follows Allusions and knows me in SL knows…I love jeans… I am always wearing them or making them! So without further ado, here are the jeans currently available at the SOS Fashion Event.

I had a great time creating and participating in this event to aid in raising funds for a great cause!

Spoonfull Of Sugar

Both of these jeans are fatpacks at the event. Mesh



This particular pair is NOT a fatpack. This is a single pair in different mesh sizes.


You can also see them here:


Allusions @ Spoonfull of Sugar Pt. 2

Here are some pictures of the items items you can find at the SOS Fashion Event!

Crushed Velvet Vests! These vests are texture change EXCEPT the black one.




You can also see these blogged at these locations:


Emlie’s Inventory

Allusions Desert Tunic


A simple leather corset! Mesh!


Allusions Exclusives @ Spoonfull of Sugar Event!

Allusions is participating in the Spoonfull of Sugar event on Second Life. This event will be raising funds for Doctors Without Borders.
Allusions has 3 exclusive pieces where all proceeds go to the charity. You can read more about this event here:
Spoonfull Of Sugar

Allusions Mojave Tunic. Texture change 250L

You can see this tunic also blogged here: Currently Cris

Allusions:Strap Top: Color change 250L

This outfit is an exclusive, 2 tops, 2 pants with Appliers for the omega based mesh bodies, Maitreya and Belleza. This is the One Of A Kind Auction outfit.


Event is located here:
Allusions @ SOS Fashion Event

Gilded Jeans

Allusions Gilded Jeans - Earth

About these jeans… I have wanted a pair like this is the real world and in the Second Life world for years, so I decided to make them. The studded details plays with the delicateness of the lace or an interesting bohemian feel.

These mesh jeans are available at the Allusions shop in Second Life. They come in six colors. Plain jeans are sold separately in the same colors. Two different styles, with and without the belt. 150L per jean, 500L for the fat pack. They are standard mesh sizes XXS to Lg.

In the shop is a 10L wearable demo version in Silver!

Allusions Dark Romance Cardigan

Allusions Dark Romance Cardigan

Who doesn’t like a bit of romance and mystery? Gathered silk and edge ruffles paired with dark colors makes this cardigan a perfect addition to ones pixel closet.

This is a mesh item that comes in a six color texture hud. I am experimenting trying to learn materials. You can find them here. Allusions