Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt 2014 – ::M3::

::M3:: has joined us this year and has a few gifts out for you at their sim! A fun pair of pajamas for adults and toodledoo avatars! These are pretty cute!

Follow the hunt hints here! after locating the initial gift, follow the hints in the gifts to locate the others! Happy hunting!

Nevermore Winter Solstice hunt 2014 – BabyMonkey

Baby Monkey has also joined us again. Like Hate This, she has been with us since way back when we used to have a haunted house area and winter wonderland area! This round she brings us a very comfortable looking outfit!

Check out the hunt hints here!

Here is her image of your gift IF you can find the prize!

Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt 2014 – Hate This

Hate This has once again joined our hunt. The creator has been with Nevermore about as long as we have been around! He has made this very warm looking ski cap for you. All you have to do is find the snowflake in his shop. Check out the hints here!

Here is the image of his gift!