Allusions Dreamcatcher

Allusions Dreamcatcher necklace and earrings set.


Texture Change Hud

5 Metal Textures

10 Stones

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Town of The Dolls

I remember the dolls, they were beautiful boys and girls. They felt like soft stone and you could change their hair and clothes at a whim. In their backs you could place in cartridges that spun if you wound them. They would dance for you or play instruments depending on the cartridge. They sat in a corner when done, eyes closed and asleep until the next wind up. Sometimes…they did not remain there.

The night it happened I awoke to the smell of smoke and fire. It was so dark I could hardly see. Then I saw her…in sillouette against the fire’s light, standing there cold and staring. One hand was removed and in place of the other, a glimmer of metal and teeth. It was a blade from my father’s workshop, it oozed red from the tips…I screamed.

Her eyes narrowed and mouth opened, I could hear the mechanics and whirring coming from inside her. I ran for the window and climbed out as she moved steadily closer. I had to sneak across the roof and climb down the trellis. When I reached the ground I ran while clinging to my teddy bear and screamed for my parents. I looked around at the other houses, they also burned while others ran from the dolls that came for them. I heard the door open and the sound of her gears, I cried as I ran into and down the alley passing carriages and bodies until I reached the woods. It was days before I came out of hiding and escaped.

I would think of the day and I still shiver and want to wretch at the memories. I only say this now because as I was making my way to the old amusement park for maintanence, the clouds turned dark and I saw her again…today.

:story written by SabryneRhode:


Location: Arranmore


Hand attachment: [hate this] the amputator

You can find it here at Remnant. Dark Days it opens on November 17th.




In the depths of the forest through trees and shadows she wandered. Sitting to drink she picks up her flute to play. The music drifts up through the forest canopy, out through the under brush. Where is the soft music coming from? Do you dare follow it?

satyr horns by [ht]:Apparel
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Hair: LittleBones – Birdie
Skin: QNC Carmen
Head: Catwa Kori static
Head Skin: New Faces Group Gift: Belle
Moles: Personal
Corset: Allusions (Not in store yet)
Eyes: Allusions (Past hunt gift)
Highlights: Angel Rock i-Candy Lens

Allusions @ Spoonfull of Sugar Pt. 3


Anyone that regular follows Allusions and knows me in SL knows…I love jeans… I am always wearing them or making them! So without further ado, here are the jeans currently available at the SOS Fashion Event.

I had a great time creating and participating in this event to aid in raising funds for a great cause!

Spoonfull Of Sugar

Both of these jeans are fatpacks at the event. Mesh



This particular pair is NOT a fatpack. This is a single pair in different mesh sizes.


You can also see them here:


Allusions @ Spoonfull of Sugar Pt. 2

Here are some pictures of the items items you can find at the SOS Fashion Event!

Crushed Velvet Vests! These vests are texture change EXCEPT the black one.




You can also see these blogged at these locations:


Emlie’s Inventory

Allusions Desert Tunic


A simple leather corset! Mesh!