Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt part 6




Women’s Gift 1


Women’s Gift 2


Men’s Gift



You can these gifts at those stops. Here is the link to Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt – Time Traveler

From there you can follow the SLURL’s
! gift is not pictured. I have not been able to get the RL time to get it photographed. My apologies everyone.

5. ::M::
1. A clock left alone near a place where the Evo Fairies roam.
2. In the center I sit alone, a quiet serene place in a place filled with animals.
3. As you precede unto the Castle Cinderella’s pocket watch is what was dropped on this night!

6. Ms. Boda’s Animal Shack
4. She KISSES you with her big blue lips, but watch out as you draw near her, you do not want to trip.
5. Have you ever been to a Mossm Auction? Watch your step they are everywhere.
6. Woah these would be some gnarly rails to grind on!

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