Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt 2015 part 2

Round 2 of Nevermore’s Winter Solstice Hunt 2015

6. Ollies Follies
Hint: Surrounded by books, and enjoying the tale his new ferret friend is telling him, our visiting owl has found a happy home in the OFFICE.

7. Zalea
No Hint

8. Roped Passions
No Hint

9. Ever an’ Angel
No Hint

10. Semi Precious
No Hint

Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt 2015


I have been under the weather. I am very sorry for the post delays. Here is round 1 of the Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt! You are looking for an owl holding a book in it’s beak.

1. The Dark Fae
01 Hint: Woah… it sure is slippery here, I hope I don’t fall off

No Hint

3. Bees Heaven

4. Pulse
No Hint. There are many decoys here, Don’t give up!

5. Vero Moderno
Hint: Did u meet Akin?

Fear of the Dark – part 7

We made it to the final post! Thank you for sharing this journey with me through this year’s Nevermore Trick or Treat Trail hunt. Remember you can find the items at Fear of The Dark hunt hints. See you again Next year for another Trick or Treat Trail!


#20 Allusions
I made a few things for the hunt gift package. You get a shape, eyes, nail polish appliers for SLink hands/feet/nails. These only work IF you have any of those items. Lipsticks to match the nail polish. Tattoo layers only.


#21 SexicalMoi
This is a nice catsuit. Quite a few options to wear and appliers for various items.
Background photo: KaTink – Urban Grunge Background Pack


#22 HoodCity Ego
You get a hat and the boots! The textures have great detail and women can also wear the boots.
Background photo: KaTink – Suicide City Background Pack

Fear of the Dark – part 6

Fear of the Dark hints here!


#17 Chimeric
This mask is creepy, funky and fun!
Background photo: Katink – ATOI Halloween Background Pack


#18 Indolent
I have many (coughs) things from this lady. They are low LI and always well made. This item is a Full Permissions mesh item. Please follow her TOS in regards to usage.


#19 Savira Originals
Well some stories are brutal!

Fear of the Dark – part 5

Fear of the Dark Hunt hints!


#14 Outside the Box!
This is one angle of the gift. You can’t see it too well but there is a raven sitting on an Edgar Allen Poe book and reading glasses.


#15 Alice Project
HAIR! Several sizes in this pack and quite a few colors!
Background photo: KaTink – Church and Religion Background Pack


#16 Baby Monkey
Skully ankle boots!
Background photo: KaTink – Suicide City Background Pack